GenX Precision Extrusion

GenX Medical has secured many medical grade polymers that enable us to ship custom tubing to you within 5-7 business days. We also design and manufacture our own tooling that will be dedicated to your product and application.  This ensures that the physical properties are customizable, repeatable and predictable between various lots.

At GenX Medical, we are always looking to expand our capabilities.  Our current equipment enables us to achieve:

  • Max OD (many polymers): 0.500"
  • OD/ID tolerance (most polymers and sizes): +/- 0.0005"
  • Wall tolerance (most polymers and sizes): +/-0.0003"

Normal services include:


GenX Medical can extrude most thermoplastic polymers, with various fillers, additives, or colors.

  • Pebax®     
  • Nylon     
  • Polyethylene    
  • Polyurethane     
  • PVC     
  • PEEK     
  • FEP     
  • PET       
  • PLLA     
  • PLGA

Common radiopaque fillers:  

  • Barium Sulfate – BaSO4
  • Bismuth Oxychloride - BiOCl
  • Tungsten -W

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Single Lumen Tubing

Single Lumen Tubing, Micro-bore Tubing, Small Bore, Medical Tubing Extrusions

Single lumen tubes are extrusions that contain one channel, or lumen, through the center of the tube. Our high quality custom tubing is perfect for balloons, catheters, feeding tubes, and other minimally invasive devices.

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Multi Lumen Tubing

Multi Lumen Tubing, Extrusion

Multi lumen tubes are extrusions that contain multiple channels, or passages, through the length of the tubing. Whether you need a few lumens in a small diameter or multiple channels with tight tolerances, our experts can help. GenX Medical’s extensive extrusion knowledge assures no multi lumen design is too complex 

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Bump / Taper Tubing

Bump Tubing, Taper Tubing

Bump tubing, or taper tubing, are extrusions that vary in diameter through the length of the tubing. Our advanced extrusion knowledge and in-house capabilities enable our taper tubing processes to be repeatable and of the highest quality 

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Rod and Filament


Rods, filament, and beading are solid extrusions that are typically round and small in diameter

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Bioresorbable Extrusions


 Bioresorbable tubing are extrusions that are biodegradable, or naturally broken down over time. GenX Medical has the most extensive knowledge in the industry on extruding bioresorbable polymers.

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GenX Medical has developed a new innovative pricing structure to help you save money

Helping R&D Move Faster and Cheaper

GenX Medical can offer discounts on multiple runs of single lumen tubing for R&D and prototyping quantities.  Normal lead time is 5-7 business days. Discount structure is as follows:

$1000 First size

  • Discounts for additional sizes using same base resin but varying durometers*
  • Better discounts for additional sizes, using same tooling and same resin*
  • Best discounts for additional sizes, using new tooling and same resin*

 *  5-7 day lead times and $1000 minimum orders are dependent upon complexity of design and specific polymers (typically includes all common medical polymers)

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