Single Lumen Tubing

Single lumen tubing are extrusions that contain one channel, or passage, through the center of it’s length. Single lumen extrusions are commonly used in medical applications where only one channel is needed for the device component. 

  • Balloons
  • Intravenous (IV) tubing
  • Infusion Sets and other pumping lines
  • Feeding tubes
  • Cannulas
  • Catheters

Medical devices may require single lumen components to preserve specific material properties as well as adhere to stringent dimensional specifications. Choosing a supplier that understands material and the processes needed to hold tight tolerances, maintain wall concentricity, and retain physical properties will be the deciding factor in high quality extrusions. 

GenX Medical specializes in several types of single lumen extrusions over a broad range of materials. 

  • Micro-bore tubing
  • Taper, or Bump, tubing
  • Thin-wall tubing
  • Reinforced tubing
  • Kink resistant tubing



Pebax®     Nylon     HDPE     LDPE     TPU     PVC     PEEK     FEP     ​Polycarbonite     PET

PLLA     PLGA     PLA     PGA

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Our extrusion experts at GenX possess the knowledge and equipment needed to ensure high quality, repeatable single lumen extrusions. Whether you need quick R&D runs, or high volume production quantities, GenX Medical can rapidly design and manufacture the proper tooling needed for your custom extrusion designs. Our internal capabilities allow precise, on-demand tooling to be manufactured for quick turnarounds or when critical adjustments are necessary.

GenX has acquired and developed specialized equipment and techniques necessary to extrude a variety of polymers, and maintain their original properties during the extrusion process. When materials require special considerations for moisture, filtration, or cooling, GenX applies resin-specific methods to ensure most stable and constant extrusion runs. With many medical grade polymers on hand, most single lumen extrusions can be manufactured within a week.